Try Shotokan Karate for FREE. Get your first two (2) lessons for free with no obligation to continue. For more information, Contact us.

YMCA members receive a 50% discount on individual student fees. Interested in joining the Springfield YMCA? Click here.


All students must have & wear a cup (males only), mouth guard, and proper protective gear to Kumite (fighting) sessions.

Individual Student Fees

We offer every prospective student TWO (2) FREE CLASSES to evaluate whether Shotokan Karate is the right activity for them. Upon joining, individual student fees are shown below with YMCA Member’s receiving a 50% discount.

  • Non-YMCA member
    $ 80.00/mo.

  • YMCA member (save 50%)
    $ 40.00/mo.
  • Private instruction
    Contact us for pricing.

Discounted Family Fees

Family and friends who join together receive discounted rates on the second and subsequent student fees with a maximum fee of $160.00 per month for groups of 4 or more. Fees are discounted as shown regardless of YMCA membership status.

  • 2 family members
    $ 120.00/mo.

  • 3 family members
    $ 140.00/mo.
  • 4 or more family members
    $ 160.00/mo.


2018-19 testing dates posted HERE.

Pre-certification Testing

A pre-test is required 2-weeks in advance of new belt rank certification testing. During this session, you receive a written grade with personal pointers from one of the Nintai Dojo Sensei’s on what you can work on to improve before you attempt your certification test.

  • Pre-certification test
    $ 10.00

Belt Certification Testing

Grading for new belt ranks are done quarterly. All students are encouraged to keep a personal training notebook.

  • Under belts
    $ 35.00

  • Brown belts
    $ 60.00
  • Black belts
    $ 100.00


WTKO Accreditation Fee

We are the American club of World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO). As a member of our Nintai-WTKO USA dojo, you are associated with a broader international body of practitioners of Shotokan Karate. Your 1st year member fee includes your international club license, patch, and other membership articles. Each year thereafter, you have a nominal membership renewal fee.

  • 1st year membership
    $ 25.00

  • Annual renewal
    $ 25.00

Gear & Other Items

All students are required to purchase a karate uniform called a karategi (or “Gi” for short) and your respective Belt (called an “Obi”) and/or ends of your Belt (called the “Tangs”) for advanced students. Additionally, students need to secure appropriate protective head and mouth gear for Kumite (fighting) sessions.

At the current time, we do not sell these items, but can help direct you to resources where you can obtain them.