• Shotokan Karate

    traditional karate instruction


    Class 2-days a week for beginners through Black belts. Progressive training in traditional Shotokan Karate through continual work on karate basics, kata (forms), and kumite (fighting). Instruction performed in group setting with lesson-plan individualized by each student's current level.


    • Jan Smearsoll
      Sensei, 4th Dan


    • Greater self-discipline
    • Self-control & character improvement
    • Flexibility, power, speed, agility & coordination
    • Stress relief
    • Peace of mind
    • Camaraderie & true friendship


    • 1 family member
      $ 80.00 / mo.
    • 2 family members
      $ 120.00 / mo.
    • 3 family members
      $ 140.00 / mo.
    • 4+ family members
      $ 160.00 / mo.
    • Jan Smearsoll

      Philosophy: “Learn one thing every class- then go home and practice."

      My children began karate at our local Champaign County YMCA for fun. Little did I know that soon I would recognize Karate as more then just fun for the kids but a passion for training my mind, body and spirit that has become a way of life. I saw other women and adults training and thought, “why not me?” I felt so silly at first and afraid when we would spar about getting hit. I couldn’t even do two ‘girl” push-ups since I was so out of shape from having children. But, I stuck it out. After 5 months or so of training I attended my first tournament. I was terrified. But, faced my fears and won 1st in both kata and kumite! I couldn’t believe it. Soon I was completely hooked on this awesome form of both physical and mental exercise. I faced many fears as I traveled to tournaments in many states and Canada, earning numerous trophies and medals alongside my children. We had such fun learning together. Soon an added benefit of strengthening and toning made me stronger, lose weight and improved my mood. Eventually my son and I earned our 1st degree black belts, Shodan, on the same day.

      Fast-forward (15 years): Training regularly has become a way of life. Now my passion is to pass on the discipline of strength, balance and focus of mind, body and spirit to all whom I teach. I am particularly passionate about teaching women and girls. Hearing a timid student suddenly belt out their spirit yell- “kia” is a moment of celebration! It says their personal strength has been successfully found. As a former home schooling parent of children with dyslexia and also with 30 years of nursing experience, I am able to work with all levels of physical ability as well as with children who may have a bit of trouble with focus.

      As a Family Nurse Practitioner by profession, my focus is on health for every one of all ages. Regular physical exercise has been called the “youth pill.” Karate is a fabulous stress relief, improves balance, coordination, focus, and flexibility, improves mood and overall well-being. You owe it to yourself to check out what karate has to offer for everyone in the family.


      • Applying in-depth knowledge of the human body within the context of Shotokan Karate instruction.
      • Training all ages and skill levels, especially women and youth.
      • Preparing for local and international competitions.


      • Co-founder of Mukin Shori Karate SSKI-USA.
      • Black belt; 4th Dan (Yondan).
      • 15+ years experience teaching dozens of hard-working students in Shotokan Karate.
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